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Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

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In Romania, the specialization course for obtaining support qualifications (primary and secondary) allows acquiring psychological, pedagogical, medical knowledge related to sensory disabilities (auditory and visual), motor and intellectual disabilities with specific reference to pervasive developmental disorders, and teaching skills to help students overcome learning difficulties in reading, writing, and mathematics.


The support qualification course also aims at the pedagogical objective of full school integration and social inclusion of students with disabilities.


The course will be held at a Romanian University accredited by the Ministry of Education, with theoretical lessons without mandatory attendance. Exams and practical activities will be held in person (in Bucharest, one day at the end of the course)


Duration of the course six months  Psychopedagogical Path (60 ECTS - 1500 hours). The session is held once a year


Presence in Romania: one day at the end of the journey



The TFA brings together: 


-general and special education, special education and pedagogy, experimental pedagogy, special education and pedagogy aimed at special educational needs. Pursuant to art. 15 co.22 of DM 249/2010, the present SSD are integrated by sectors M-PED/01 or M-PED/02, with reference to the history and law of educational institutions.


-teaching of the subjects taught in the competition classes with workshops and pedagogical workshops - SSD or SAD of the disciplines


The course ends with a Final Report (5 ECTS) for a total of 60 ECTS credits.


Romanian universities now offer the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate training course valid up to secondary schools for specialization in support. Upon completion of the course, a title is issued that can be recognized, allowing you to work in Italy immediately. The specialization course in support completed in Romania is valid in all European Union countries and recognized in Italy thanks to legislative decree no.206 (6th November 2007). The validity of the support specialization obtained in Romania has been reiterated by aCouncil of State ruling published on 29/12/2022. A more recentCouncil of State ruling has also condemned the MIUR, forcing it to recognize as valid the titles obtained in Romania. The latest ruling by the Lazio Regional Administrative Tribunal on the issue (6th December 2021) confirmed the recognition of the support specialization carried out in Romania, once again ruling against the MIUR (for further information, we refer to this article).


The judgment n°22 of December 29, 2022 of the Plenary Meeting of the State Council which definitively, following the hearing on November 16, 2022 for the discussion of the dispute on “the recognition of the validity of the professional training title related to the post-secondary study cycle at a Romanian University, for the purpose of exercising the teaching profession obtained in Romania” has accepted the defensive thesis advocated by the defense team of the appellants and by Lawyer Maurizio Danza, EU Law Professor at Teseo University.


The TFA in Romania offers a comprehensive training for teaching, providing all the pedagogical, psychological, and medical skills necessary to assist children with physical or mental disabilities.



What our offer for special education certification includes:



Steps to follow:


Submission of the homologation application at the general register of the Romanian Ministry. It is advisable to start the procedure before attending the course.


collection, preparation, and translation of all required documents, legalized with the appropriate AJA apostille.


sending the necessary documentation for registration at the University.


online theoretical lessons and an active training internship.

will be held at the University's headquarters. They consist of an oral examination (one day)



Requirements to access the support training path for graduates:



It is possible to obtain a qualification for school support even without having obtained a teaching qualification. Read thejudgment of the T.A.R Lazio (13.07.2022)



-Full birth certificate including the parents' names;


-Copy of ID card and tax code;


-Certificate of good health specifying suitability for teaching activities;


-High school diploma (parchment) in a certified copy of the original with AJA apostille


-Five-year university degree (diploma) in a copy conforming to the original with AJA apostille;


-Matriculation sheet indicating all exams taken and ECTS credits certified true copy legalized with Apostille AJA; 



What our offer includes:


-Procedure for the recognition of an Italian degree as the equivalent Romanian title;


- Romanian course; completely online, duration 1 month;


- Online language exam and the related C1 language proficiency certificate (including the fee) necessary for enrollment in the enabling Master's degree and for subsequent recognition in Italy (we are an accredited body by the Romanian Ministry of Education for issuing language certifications, so we issue the language certification ourselves);


-Enrollment in the University Master's degree enabling for support


-Bilingual assistance and logistics;


-On-site tutoring service carried out by tutors of Italian and Romanian nationality who will accompany the course participants throughout the entire training process;


-Assistance and search for suitable logistical accommodation near the Romanian University. Food, accommodation, and travel expenses are covered by the participant;




Internship in Romania:


one day at the end of the journey.  We will offer you any on-site assistance, trying to make your experience in Romania as pleasant as possible.


As also stated in the note from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (M.I.U.R) in November 2014, the internship carried out in Italy is not recognized by the Italian Ministry.



We collaborate with the most important Romanian universities, accredited by the Ministry of Education. Final exams will be held at the university campus (one day in person at the end of the course with the possibility of taking it online).



Duration and cost:


The course for obtaining the Professional Training Title for the qualification of support teacher has a total duration of six months, at a cost of €3,000.00 (three thousand euros), including VAT and legal recognition by our lawyers.


We issue regular invoice (possibility of personalized instalment payments), payments exclusively via bank transfer



We collaborate with the law firm Legale Andrea De Bonis in Potenza, which has won all appeals submitted to the T.A.R through us at Vincix Futuro s.r.l. Currently, all our students work with the title obtained through us, and many have obtained a role.



Recognition of Romanian qualification:



In accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC, transposed into Italy by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 November 2007, it is possible to apply for recognition of the professions of:


- kindergarten teacher;
- primary school teacher;
- lower secondary school teacher;
- upper secondary school teacher

-support teacher



Recognition can be requested for courses for which the person is legally qualified in the country that issued the title, and provided that such courses are equivalent in the Italian school system (corresponding profession).


By regulated training we mean the training that leads to obtaining a title (theoretical-practical, disciplinary and didactic-pedagogical training) which, according to the rules of the country where it was obtained or recognized, allows the exercise of the profession as a qualified teaching teacher. The title must, therefore, certify a complete professional training, sanctioned in legal forms (final exam, internship, etc.), for possession of which the legislation of the country issuing it conditions the exercise of the activity as a qualified teacher.


For the purpose of correct recognition of the profession, possession of linguistic knowledge is required. Article 4 of Directive 36/2005/EC and Article 7 of the corresponding national legislative decree n. 206/2007 provide that, for the exercise of the profession, beneficiaries of the recognition of professional qualifications must have the necessary language skills. The necessary language knowledge refers to knowledge of the language of the host country at a level consistent with the nature of the profession intended to be practiced.

To practice the profession of a teacher, it is essential to have a proper knowledge of the Italian language since linguistic skills are an integral part of the profession itself.



Requirements for recognition in Italy:



The interested party must:


-be a citizen of the European Union;

-have a professional qualification issued by a country that is a member of the European Union



link where foreign recognition decrees are published periodically:


Archive of recognition decree publications - Miur



To which Authority should the request for recognition of the professional training title of teacher be addressed?


For teachers in public nursery, primary, secondary schools, and in art institutes (including Conservatories, Academies of Fine Arts, Isia)

Websites: http://www.miur.gov.it/web/guest/home 








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