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Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional



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Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional.


Study abroad thanks to us.

The opportunity to study abroad is an experience that for the young people of today's Europe and of the near future must be seen as necessary in a globalizing reality like the current one. Moreover, the European directives, 2005/36 and 2006/100, have been incorporated by Italy with Legislative Decree 206/07, which allows the recognition of any degree obtained in Romania, also in Italy, following its accession to the European Union.


Romania's accession to the European Union, which took place on January 1, 2007, has resulted in a general improvement of the country's economic situation. Today, Romania offers internationally renowned universities with modern infrastructures where a student can attend a high-quality degree course.


Enrolling in degree courses in Romania means attending a high-level degree program in a young and stimulating environment, in contact with different cultures and with the opportunity to learn a new language.


Here are our courses designed for you.

Qualification Master for Teaching


Qualification Master for Educational Support


Qualification Course for Educational Support for I.T.P. Teachers or with a Master's Diploma


Qualification Course for Tourist Guide


Qualification Course for Alpine Guide


Qualification Course for Caving Guide


Qualification Course for Technical Director of Travel Agency


Qualification Course for Hotel Manager


Qualification Master for the profession of Chartered Accountant


Degree Course in Medicine (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Physiotherapy (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Pharmacy (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Dentistry (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Dental Hygiene (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Nursing (with reduced attendance)


Degree Course in Mathematics


Degree Course in Educational Sciences


Degree Course in Political Science


Degree Course in Interpreting and Translation


Degree Course in Motor Sciences


Degree Course in Law


Qualification Course for Broker (IVASS exam), Insurance and Financial


Qualification Course for Beautician


Qualification Course for Hairdresser


Qualification Course for O.S.S (Social Health Operator)

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