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Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional


Romania represents the best choice for those who want to graduate in Pharmacy.


The creation of the Pharmacy degree course at the Romanian University was motivated by the importance of this specialization in the healthcare system, in line with EU standards.

The structure of the academic study plans was designed with the aim of providing both theoretical and practical training necessary for the exercise of the pharmacist profession, fully consistent with the sector's regulatory requirements.


Each classroom is equipped with modern facilities and multimedia equipment that allow Pharmacy students to carry out practical activities in support of their pharmacological education.


The Master's Degree course in Pharmacy is taught in English and lasts for 5 years.


At the end of the course, the student will have acquired a baggage of theoretical and above all practical knowledge that will serve them for the exercise of the profession of Pharmacist in accordance with the specific standards set out in the EU directive.


In particular, the acquired professional skills are:


- Designing, formulating, preparing, and packaging drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products (in pharmacies and industry)

- Storing, preserving, distributing drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products

- Providing dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products and pharmaceutical care

- Analysis and control of substances, drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products, analysis laboratories, biochemistry, toxicology, and environmental and food hygiene

- Health management, marketing, and administration

- Consulting and expertise in medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and other health products


Exams and in-person practice (in Romania)


Course taught in English


Possibility of transferring to Italy after enrollment, any exams taken in Italy, even with other relevant courses, can be recognized in Romania.


We collaborate with the most important Romanian universities, accredited by the Ministry of Education. Final exams will be held at the university.



What our offer includes:


- Procedure for the recognition of Italian qualifications to the corresponding Romanian ones (including Ministerial fees, translation of all documents, notary authentication, and other necessary requirements);


- Enrollment in the Pharmacy faculty, lasting 5 years


- Romanian language course; totally online, duration 2 months


-anguage exams and the related certificate (fee included);

- Bilingual assistance and logistics;


- On-site tutoring service provided by tutors of Italian and Romanian nationality who will accompany the participants throughout the entire training process;


- Assistance and search for suitable accommodation near the Romanian University. Costs of board, lodging, and travel are borne by the participant;

- Accreditation process for the Pharmacy qualification in Romania;


University fees: €5,000.00 annually, VAT included (19%), we issue a regular invoice (possibility of personalized installment payments), payments exclusively by bank transfer.


Duration of the program:


5 academic years






- Certified copy of high school diploma with the AJA apostille,

- Copy of ID card and tax code,

- Birth certificate and any marriage certificate (multilingual),

- 2 passport-size photos.



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