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Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional


Vincix Futuro offers you the possibility to successfully attend the Degree Course in Education Science at Romanian Universities.

The degree obtained in Romania has the same value as the one obtained in Italy, thanks to the membership in the European Union.


The uniformity of the degree courses, equalized to the standards of all European Universities, guarantee the possibility of obtaining a valid degree in any nation belonging to the Euro area.

Professionally, the right to establish and practice the profession is indeed guaranteed by the uniformity of the educational paths with the bilateral recognition of academic titles among the countries of the European Union (the European directives 2005/36 and 2006/100 adopted by Legislative Decree 206/07 allow for the legal equivalence of the usability in Italy of the degree obtained in Romania.

Studying abroad is an experience that for the youth of today's Europe and the near future must be seen as necessary in a globalized reality like the current one.

It is in this community perspective, of cultural exchange and human resources, that Romanian Universities have opened their doors to students who want to obtain their degree in Romania.


Theoretical course completely online, no entrance test is required


Duration of the Degree Course: 3 years


There are two exam sessions. Only 2 days of presence per year are mandatory



We collaborate with the most important Romanian universities, accredited by the Ministry of Education. The Degree Course is completely online. Exams will be held at the university premises.



What our offer includes:


-Process of Italian degree recognition to the corresponding Romanian degrees (including Ministry taxes, translation of all documents, notary authentication, and all other necessary);


-Romanian language course: fully online, duration 2 months


-Language exams and the related B2 certificate (including fees);


-Enrollment in the Education Science faculty, lasting 3 years


-Bilingual and logistical assistance;


-On-site tutoring service carried out by tutors of Italian and Romanian nationality who will guide the students throughout the entire training process;


-Assistance and search for suitable logistical accommodation near the Romanian University. Costs for food, lodging, and travel are the student's responsibility;



Price: €1,800.00 per year (one thousand eight hundred) including VAT (19%), we issue regular invoices (possibility of personalized installment payments), payments exclusively by bank transfer.





-Authenticated copy of the high school diploma with the AJA stamp,

-Copy of ID and tax code,

-Birth certificate and any marriage certificate (multilingual),

-2 passport photos.


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