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Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional


Graduating in medicine, since Romania is part of the European Community, is no longer an unattainable dream and there are already thousands of students who have chosen this option for the internationalization of their academic titles.

Today, those who graduate in medicine in Romania can practice as a medical doctor throughout Europe. Furthermore, since Romanian universities are at the forefront in this type of degree, students who obtain their degree in Romania will certainly represent excellence in the profession.

The degree course is taught in English.

We collaborate with the most important Romanian universities, accredited by the Ministry of Education. The final exams will be held at the university campus.


Possibility to transfer to Italy after enrollment


Any exams taken in Italy, even with other relevant paths, can be recognized in Romania


Since 2015, a milestone has finally been established by the Plenary Assembly of the State Council for university medicine transfers, stating that medical students enrolled in foreign universities can transfer to Italy without having to pass the admission test. This principle is, of course, applicable to all technical-scientific faculties (for example, transferring medicine from Romania to Italy), such as Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Physiotherapy.


What our offer includes:


- Procedure for the recognition of Italian academic qualifications as equivalent to Romanian qualifications (including Ministry fees, translation of all documents, notary authentication, and any other necessary procedures);


- Enrollment in the 6-year academic program in the Faculty of Medicine;


- English course: entirely online, lasting 2 months


- Language exam and related certificate (including fees);


- Bilingual assistance and logistics;


- On-site tutoring service provided by Italian and Romanian tutors who will support the course participants throughout the educational journey;


- Assistance in finding suitable accommodation near the Romanian University. Costs for meals, accommodation, and travel are covered by the course participant;


- Accreditation process for medical licensing in Romania;


Tuition fees: €5,000.00 annually including VAT (19%), we issue regular invoices (possibility of customized installment payments), payments exclusively by bank transfer.


Duration of the program:


6 academic years




- Certified copy of high school diploma with the Hague Apostille,

- Copy of ID card and tax code,

- Multilingual birth certificate with parents' names indicated,

- 2 passport-size photos.



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