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Strada Argentina 25, Sector 1 Bucharest (Romania)


Phone: 00.40. 724.485.782 



e-mail: info@vincixfuturo.com; vincixfuturo@gmail.com ​

Accredited by the Ministry of Education | Ministry of Labor and Social Policies  | Ministry of Romanian Tourism.

Choose to specialize in Romania and

become a European professional


Vincix Futuro ACCREDITED ENTITY by the Romanian Ministry of Education offers you the opportunity to obtain valid language certifications worldwide




OUR OFFER: Language certifications for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)



- sending all study materials for online preparation


- online language exam and related certificate

- Bilingual and logistical support;​​





maximum duration of the course: 2 months in total





Requirements to access both paths:


- being a citizen of the European Union;




- Copy of ID card and tax code,

Recognition of Romanian language certifications:

In accordance with Directive 2005/36/EC, transposed in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 206 of November 6, 2007, it is possible to apply for recognition of language certifications obtained in the Romanian state

Recognition can be requested for all skills or linguistic knowledge acquired, for which the person is legally authorized in the country that issued the title, on condition that such teachings correspond to the Italian system (corresponding profession).

By regulated training, it is meant the training leading to the attainment of a title (theoretical-practical, disciplinary, and didactic-pedagogical training) that, according to the rules of the country where it was obtained or recognized, allows the practice of the profession or the recognition of the acquired title.

Also for the correct recognition of the profession, possession of language knowledge is required. Article 4 of Directive 36/2005/EC and Article 7 of the relevant national implementing legislative decree no. 206/2007 provide that for the exercise of the profession, beneficiaries of the recognition of professional qualifications must have the necessary language skills. By necessary language knowledge, it is intended the knowledge of the host country's language at a level consistent with the nature of the profession intended to be exercised.









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